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Training Inspired has provided extensive training and coaching for staff at all levels, supporting change in several high-end, consumer-focused companies to create over long term periods with UK wide business-consumer success.  Some of our collaborations include Samsung UK, Terra Firma (through the development of their Wyevale Garden Centre acquisitions) and most recently with hospitality giant Travelodge.

“Kate [of Training Inspired] is an inspiring company motivator and trainer who always goes the extra mile to achieve results. Since beginning the project here at Travelodge she has increased customer feedback scores even in areas where the physical problems experienced are unchangeable. By training and coaching in the ability to effectively up-sell within our teams she has increased our potential revenue immeasurably. Her training is passionate, relevant and eye-opening and her feedback is honest and essential to pushing our teams forward in the tough world of online consumer feedback. We look forward to continuing this essential work and booking the new year with her.”

James Bourne,

Project Implemention Manager


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